Botanical Name - Foeniculum Vulgare.

Fennel has a distinct liquorice flavour.

Position - Full sun.  Frost sensitive.  Add general purpose fertilizers to enrich the soil prior to planting.

Spacing - 30cm.

Uses -

Saute the sliced bulb with onions.  Fennel is a match made in heaven served with salmon.  The leaves are used with fish, in mayonaise and in salads.  The seed is widely used to flavour sausages and pasta sauces.  Fennel is also an ingredient in chinese 5 spice.  It is used as a wash for eye strain and irritation.

Care -

Water once or twice a week.  Stake plants if planted in a windy area and 30cm tall.  Feed monthly with 2.3.2 or Multikelp.

Available - Fennel and Bronze Fennel.