Parsley comes from the Apiaceae family.  It is a short lived perennial with bright green leaves.  Probably the most well known and popular of all the herbs.

Position - Full sun for at least 6 hours a day, but will tolerate partial shade.  Likes a well drained moisture retaining soil

Spacing - 25 - 35cm

Uses -

Parlsley is widely used for flavouring food and garnish and even in salads.

Parsley is often simply used to neutralize a strong smelling breath(garlic).  Taken internally, parsley relaxes spasms, redduces inflammation, and clears toxins from the body.  Said to inhibit tumor growth while stimulating digestion and the uterus.  It is also used for ailments of the lower urinary tract and to prevent renal(kidney) gravel(stones).  Parsley can be used for cystitis, prostate problems, indigestion, colic, anorexia, anemia and arthritis(roots and seeds). 

Externally the leaves have some itch releiving properties.  Parsley can be dried or frozen

Care -

Parsley likes loads of compost and a pH between 6 and 7.  Don't let parsley dry out.  Feed monthly with 2.3.2 or Multikelp.  Cut leaves just above ground level to encourage vigarous growth.

WARNING - allergic reactions have been noted on skin and mucous membranes in some cases.

Available - Moss Curled and Flat Italian