Martin Dale Seedlings is the supplier of Politiv Greenhouse Film for South Africa's Limpopo Province. Our most popular Greenhouse film is the UVA diffused clear and UVA diffused with Nickel and is available in various widths that can be cut to your required size. With a thickness of 200 microns it is one of the strongest greenhouse plastic films around and is very competitively priced.


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The main purpose for Greenhouse covering is to create a favourable internal environment regardless of the external environment. By controlling the internal environment with greenhouse plastic/film the grower is given the opportunity to:

  • extend the growing season;

  • produce fruit and vegetables all year round;

  • enhance the crop quality;

  • increase the crop yield.


When it comes to Greenhouse Film, there are three basic properties to consider.

1. High Mechanical Properties

The film mechanical properties depend on the used polymers and production technique. Politiv Greenhouse Film is produced using only sophisticated materials that is supplied by the leading producers of polymers and additives and with fully computerized extruders.


2. UV Stability (Film Durability)

Greenhouse Film without UV stabilizers will fail after a few months (approximately 4-6 months depending on the thickness of the film). in order to achieve the required durability UV stabilizers need to be added.


3. Maximum Light Transmission at the visible range (TLT)

Energy form the sun is transmitted through the greenhouse covering to the plant where it in turn drives the photosynthetic process. The total light transmission (TLT) of the greenhouse covering in the photo-synthetic active radiation (400-700 nanometres) is extremely important. The intensity of these wavelengths (PAR range) directly influences the growth and development of the plant.