The multisol range from Culterra is a water soluble range of fertilizers perfect for any nursery, grower or gardener.  Can be applied through irrigation of sprayed as a foliar feed. Does not clog nozzles, fully soluble.  There are 3 types available.  Multisol is a well balanced fertilizers high in "N".  Multisol can be applied with most insecticides and fungicides.  Do not apply with lime sulphur or alkaline products.

Multisol "N" 6.1.3 for foliage (High in "N")

Multisol "P" 2.1.2 for general purpose.

Multisol "K" for fruit and flower development (High in "K")

Available in: 180g, 500g, 2kg tubs, 5kg tubs and 2okg bags