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The sisal nesting log can be placed anywhere in the garden, but preferably secured in a tree.  This will attract a few species that will make a nest in the stem.  A hole is predrilled to give them a start but some will make their own holes.  Species like crested barbet and woodpeckers will nest in this log.   

This sisal nest is perfect for owls.  Place in a tree in the garden to attract owls.  These nests are made from the bigger logs of sisal which are now quite rare, so stock is subject to availabilty.

We have been proudly marketing and Distributing Culerra's range of organics and fertilizers over the last few years.  Culterra was established in 1965 and is the leader in their feild.  They offer an extensive range of products from Coir and Compost to Fertilizers.  Culterra has over the years built up an excellent reputation in the green industry, supplying their products all over South africa.

Unfortunately E. Vicini closed down in Gauteng and we are unable to currently get stock, as soon as we are able to we will make it availabl again.

We are currently marketing and distributing Greenhouse Technologies products in Limpopo.  Greenhouse Technologies is based in Gauteng South Africa and is a leading supplier of all greenhouse requirements.  We are proud to be marketing and distributing their product range in Limpopo.

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