Botanical Name - Laurus Nobilis

The Greeks used bay branches to make crowns for their heroes.  In Britain today one still hears of the poet 'Laureate'.

Also known as Laurel or sweet bay.

Position  - Needs a sheltered position, well drained soil and full sun.  Protect from the cold.

Spacing - Bay trees can grow to about 4 metres tall over about 20 years.

Uses -

Bay leaf is used for flavouring.  A single leaf is strong enough for an average stew.  Flavours are stronger when leaves are dry but can be used fresh in stocks, stews and pate's.  Bay leaf is an important ingredient in Bouquet garni.

Care -

Water only when conditions are dry.  Feed with slow release fertilizers once a year like Vitaflora 2.3.2.  Prune young  bay tree by removing all lower side shoots.  When the tree has grown about 20cm taller than final height cut off tip and snip back upper side shoots to 3 leaves.  This will help the tree to grow into the traditional ball shape.  After is fully shaped prune it to shape in late spring and late summer.

Mealy Bugs and Red spider mite can be a problem.  Use low levels of insecticide.  Gently wash tree with warm water after spraying with insecticides.

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